DIY: Truck Art Inspired Name Plate

I was on the lookout for a fun name plate for our home, but I really did not like most of what I saw. One day, when I was looking at some pictures of painted trucks in Pakistan, I decided to make a truck art inspired name plate. I have no drawing skills but the idea was for it to be fun, and not necessarily precise. After drawing and painting, I went over all the lines in black, to brighten it up. We waited for it to dry and then got it framed, and this is how it looks. It looks a lot more saturated and less patchy in real life than in the picture.
After I posted a picture of it on instagram (I'm madhugopalan there) a friend wanted one for her house too :) I had awesome fun making it - this time I added peacocks and stuff, but I cannot share any pictures because she has not seen it yet :)

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