Around The House...

I really miss the days when I was newly addicted to photography, my camera was a part of my body and I felt inspired all the time. I'd go click-click-click wanting to shoot everything around me, wherever I was. These days, I don't even pull out my camera unless I'm in a really awesome place. I've never been too fond of indoor photography, but since we never seem to manage as much travel as we'd like, I've started going around with the 50mm on my camera, even if I'm just at home, trying to find my photographic mojo again. Since I really really love prettying up the house, this is a happy combination of two of my favourite hobbies :) 

I thought I'd share some pictures I took in the last few days - only the most recent ones, because I moved the rest. My laptop suddenly started screeching - actually SCREECHING - Ashwin thought there was a cat or a mouse in the house and made me look under the bed and in the bathroom before we realized it was the laptop. According to google, this can happen when the hard disk is about to go kaput, so I moved all my stuff to external disks. The hard disk is still alive, but I'm now prepared. You might think this info is random and irrelevant, but if your laptop screeches one day, you'll know to back up immediately and thank me!
Arabian Nights inspired

The glittery bottles among the attar bottles are my latest DIY attempt.
Some things I love
One of my favourite things - a black cat mobile. black cats with gold whiskers and sequins for eyes :)
DIY bead curtain and some greenery.

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