Green Golkonda

I'm home again, and the gorgeous weather made my dad and me decide to climb up the Golkonda fort to shoot some pictures yesterday. The "climb" isn't strenuous or anything, but it's a lot more fun during the monsoons, than the rest of the year, when the rocky hill gets really hot.

Since Hyderabad has received a few showers, the hillside is fresh and green and full of wild flowers, and the gardens in the fort complex are in full bloom - SO pretty. A blue sky would've been better for photos, but at least we didn't get roasted in the sun  :)

Bougainvilleas are my latest obsession 

I despise reptiles (most animals, actually) but this one was so pretty. The picture is grainy - I shot this at 200mm, but it was still far away, so I had to crop the image quite a bit.
Lush greenery everywhere

Green and brown all around.

Ruins of ancient Golkonda in the foreground, and modern Hyderabad in the background.
Seen in this picture: The outer wall of the fort, a few of the Qutb Shahi tombs to the right and modern Hyderabad at the back.
 The garden in front of the Taramati mosque in full bloom: 

This post probably belongs in my other blog Aadab Hyderabad - I need to learn a smart way of posting simultaneously on both blogs. Anyway, I'm glad I shot quite a few pictures yesterday - makes me feel less guilty about the fact that the ease of instagram had made me completely neglect my camera for a few weeks :)

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