A shelf full of magic

About 3-4 years ago (I think) I was in Charminar shopping with my mom one evening. I stopped at an attar shop fascinated by the fragrances, colours and the pretty decanters the attar is stored in (attardans/ittardans/attardanis) and asked the shopkeeper "khaali bottle denge?". He said yes, and my attar bottle collection began :)

I know I make it sound like I have a room full of shelves full of bottles - it's actually more like ONE shelf, but I absolutely *love* them, and whenever I see one that I like, I try to buy it. Many attar shops have really big and old attardans on display, but not for sale, because they are often antiques or family heirlooms.

I love taking them out and rearranging them or just looking at them :) Today I was at it again, and there was very pretty light on the dining table, so I went on a clicking spree :)

This is the collection on its shelf, except for the 2-3 that got chopped on the left and right of the photo, with my little surmedan in the middle :)
This is probably my favourite - It's part of a pair actually - I bought them in the Sunday flea market in front of Charminar. I really love the ornate stopper.
This one is a very recent addition - just a week old - I bought it in Inhabit in Inorbit mall. Inhabit has a very nice collection of decanters.
This is the tiniest one I have:) Isn't it adorable :) This is from an antique shop in Banjara Hills, although it isn't really that old.
On the evening I mentioned right at the beginning of this post, I bought 2 bottles - my first ever, and the one on the right of this picture was one of them. All three of these are from the bazaars around Charminar.
This one I got in Mallepally. The guy in the shop said it is from Oman. 
So this was my attardan collection, and some of my favourites from it :)

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