We went to Ooty and Coonoor last month, to celebrate our first anniversary. Ashwin brought loads of work along, so we only had time to visit the popular tourist spots. But the two towns are so pretty and the weather was so perfect, we had a blast anyway! There is hardly anything I can write here about the places we went to, that isn't already on tons of websites, so I'd better go straight to the pictures :)
Lush green valleys
Sprawling tea estates
Sprawling tea estates

Thick eucalyptus-scented woods behind our resort
We took the toy train from Ooty to Coonoor - it was my favourite activity of our trip. The train was adorable, and the route was so picturesque - tunnels, tiny waterfalls, dark forests, breathtaking views.
Everyone in the train let out a collective gasp when we saw this view
The opulent Fernhills Palace, a former hunting lodge of the Maharaja of Mysore, now a heritage hotel:
View from the top of Doddabetta, the tallest peak in all of south India

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