At one with nature in Lonavala

We spent a beautiful week in Lonavala recently - sunshiny days with a cool breeze, cold evenings, walks in the woods, valley views to die for,  rows of misty mountains, a trek up a rather steep hill called the Duke's Nose, trips to a fort and some caves nearby for a dose of history (I'll post about both very soon) and patchy internet and telephone services that make you feel cut off from the rest of the world. It was AWESOME.

Here are some images from our stay there - all of stuff that is much better experienced than seen in photographs:
Fluffy white clouds and their shadows on the vast countryside:
The gorgeous sunset that we saw after trekking up the 
Duke's Nose - it made all the huffing and puffing so worth it! 
We were told later that the hill is full of cobras!
Splashing about in impromptu waterfalls 
that sprang up after unexpected showers of rain:
Breakfast by a lovely blue lake:
Greenery everywhere, since our trip happened 
right after the monsoons ended:

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