We went on a trip to Haridwar and Rishikesh in December, so I am about 6 months late posting this. It was a beautiful winter, and we drove from Delhi to Haridwar. We stayed in a hotel called Teerth, right on the bank of the Ganga. The hotel was pretty bad, but the view from our room more than made up for it  - we could actually see the flowing river from our beds. The area we stayed in is called Har-Ki-Pairi, where all the action happens - the famous Ganga aarti happens here, pilgrims take dips in the holy water here, there are loads of ancient temples including one dedicated to Ganga, and there are several budget hotels targeted at pilgrims around this area.

Haridwar was mindblowing. Sadhus resplendent in their brightly coloured robes, pilgrims from all over the world, stalls on every street selling assortments of religious paraphernalia, people all over the place carrying out elaborate rituals - the place is a photographer's delight! 
A sadhu outside our hotel
Pilgrims and tourists from all over the world
The Ganga flowing through Har-ki-pairi
Street vendors selling all sorts of religious trinkets
A flower vendor
The famous Ganga ki aarti of Haridwar:
For these long exposure images, my dad set up the tripod on the bridge over the river, and  I shot from there:
And here's one more shot of the aarti:

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