Jun 19, 2008


Thank you dear family and friends for making my birthday truly special. Lovely gifts, cakes, flowers, and above all, heaps of affection…a girl can’t ask for more!

It’s been three days since we got back from Coorg, and I still can’t stop raving about how lovely it was! The fun company, the picturesque route from Bangalore to Coorg, the misty hills, the frequent, unexpected showers of rain, the lush greenery, the sprawling coffee and pepper plantations, old houses with tiled roofs, the beautiful 100 year-old house we stayed in, the Kannada-style sambar and chutney, every bit was wonderful!
Here are some pictures from our trip:

Jun 11, 2008

This and That

This month is turning out to be really action-packed.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m going to spend the day hanging out with my family. I know that they’ve bought some gifts for me, but I don’t know what, and I don’t know where they’ve hidden them! Not that I’m going to snoop, I love surprises! I’ve asked my mom to make bisibele bhath, it’s currently one of my favorite things to eat.
In the evening, I leave for a weekend trip to Coorg with some of my very old friends. Coorg is a small hill-station in Karnataka, very famous for coffee , spices, oranges and honey. This is the rainy season, so its going to be extra-beautiful! I am terribly excited about it, and hope to come back with lots of pictures, yummy goodies, and nice memories.
I’ve made a list of the things I need to take, and I’m ticking them off as I pack. I always do this, even if I’m just going on a weekend visit to my aunt’s place in Chennai! I am really not a fan of “roughing it”. I like my creature comforts, and prefer to be equipped with all the stuff I’m likely to want on the trip! When I was a kid, I would even pack some textbooks while going to stay with my grandparents for the summer vacation! I would say, “What if I feel like studying for the new school year?”. My parents would smirk and say “As if!”. And no, I never touched the books!
In more boring news, I’ve finished my research work, and my thesis is almost ready. All that I need to do now is type it up (including the math…way harder than typing plain text), print out five copies and get all of them bound. Simultaneously, I need to work on my presentation, for my thesis defense.
Then there’s the thing I’m dreading the most, my medical check-up before I join work. The company requires you to undergo a battery of scary medical tests. When I first heard about it, I was pretty offended, I mean, I’m young and healthy, why should I? But my dad said, "No acting smart, young lady, if you have to do it, you have to do it!"
I’m not ashamed to admit that I hate needles. The last time I encountered one was when I donated blood when my grandma was sick. The needle was as thick as the ones they use to stitch up jute sacks…it was quite a nightmare.
OK, I’ve rambled on quite enough. I will be back from Coorg on Monday, so do come back to hear about the trip and check out my photographs!